Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Goes On

It's hard to believe it has been almost a year since Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer.  To see him now one would never know how sick he was last year.  He has the physical scars from surgery and the chemo port (which he never needed to use, thank God), and although cancer is now a part of who we are as a family it isn't ALL we are.

On Saturday we will attend a conference about living with Lynch Syndrome.  This comes exactly 51 weeks to the day of Mike's first colonoscopy.  Since then he has had surgery to remove 1/3 of his colon, a colonoscopy in December that came back clear and an abdominal MRI this spring that showed all is still clear.  Plus he ran faster for his Air Force annual PT this year than he did TWO years ago before all of this started.  So, why does the anniversary bring up the fear again?  There are no indications at all that Mike is anything but completely healthy yet I can feel it creeping in.  I know it's a normal reaction - the anniversary of anything traumatic can bring those feelings back.

Overall life is good.  My family is healthy and we are stronger for what we have gone through.  I'm grateful that we know Lynch was the cause and we can be prepared even with the uncertainty of when colon cancer will rear it's ugly head again.  It's not a pessimistic view, just realistic.  The likelihood of it happening is high, but we know it will be caught early and taken care of when it happens.


  1. My niece is now in her second year of remmission for thyroid cancer...she is 28. Every year around Christmas is her time to go on a strict diet (no salt etc) for her annual test..she get blood work done every three months. I so dread this each far good...wishing you the best..

  2. I'm glad your niece continues to do well. Thank you for following the blog. I hope in some small way it is helpful for you.