Monday, July 12, 2010


That step is over!  Mike is resting comfortably with the help of REALLY good narcotics given through an epidural.  Probably good the meds are disbursed on a timer, otherwise he may  want to tough it out with the pain.  

We arrived at 7:30 this morning and at 10:00 he was taken to the OR.  Upland Hills is awesome.  I was called at 10:40 and told that the incision was just made.  I was called again half-way through the procedure and told that the resection was taking place. I was called yet again to be told that the resection was complete and the port was being installed.  Not long after that last call, Dr Kramer, who had been assisting, came out to talk to us.  He looked relaxed, which was a really good sign. Especially considering how haggard he looked the last time we talked to him at the hospital following the diagnosis.

Surgery was textbook.  Dr Dachman removed about 2 feet of colon and all of the surrounding lymph nodes he could find.  I was relieved to hear that the cancer had NOT spread to the surrounding organs- Thank God.  However, the lymph nodes are involved, which we had pretty much figured.  Until the biopsy, however, we won't know how many are cancerous.

After Dr Kramer left it was as if whatever was keeping me detached disappeared.  I was so relieved that the surgery had no complications and that no other organs were attacked it was all I could do to keep from sobbing.

When Dr Dachman finally came out, he gave me a picture of the section of colon that was removed.  Right in the middle is that ugly, ugly mess of cells that caused all of this upheaval.  I'm thinking we should make copies and use them as target practice.  Or, maybe we'll just use the picture as our Christmas card this year. LOL

We had planned on waiting until tomorrow afternoon to have the kids visit Mike, but he's feeling well enough and doesn't have the nose tube so my parents are bringing them by for a quick visit.  I think he needs to see them as much as they want to see him.  

I'm spending the night at the hospital tonight and know the kids are in good hands with their grandparents. 

Thank you to Pastor Todd, Maureen, Michelle, Carl, Mom & Dad, Ma & Dad, Cal & Zoey for coming to visit or stay with me during the surgery.  

I will continue to update as we find out more info and as Mike progresses.  He may even get to eat jello for breakfast tomorrow - Whoo Hoo!

Mike needed to up his pain meds a bit.  The epidural is working well for the area surrounding the incision, but just above that and where the port is was starting to bother him.  Lacey, his nurse gave him some different meds in his IV and after about a half hour he was starting to feel better.  I found that if I ask him if he can breathe regularly rather than shallow it's  a good judge on whether or not he needs increased pain control.

Mike was also given caffeine in an IV before and after surgery to help combat any caffeine withdrawal type headaches.  Unfortunately, because of that he isn't too inclined to sleep so has been awake since coming out of surgery at 2.  Hopefully, he'll be able to sleep through the night.  Well, as much as you can when you get your vitals checked every half hour.

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  1. Good to hear he is doing well, we will pass on the Christmas card....