Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's starting to catch up

I'm tired.  That about sums it up.  Obviously, it's been a long week for everyone involved.  I am grateful beyond belief to my parents and mother-in-law for taking care of the kids all week, to our friends for the visits, lawn mowing & meals that have been delivered.  But, I'm really, really tired - both emotionally & physically.

Last night was our annual church camp-out.  Cal wanted to camp so much and was really upset about the idea of not getting to sleep in the tent.  Mike was obviously not going to be able to camp, but wanted to at least go and visit for awhile for a change of scenery.  In the end I stayed with both kids & Mike and his mom went back home.  I think Cal really needed to do something different to keep his mind off everything that's been going on.  He's worried now about Mike having the staples removed.

I like camping, hanging out with friends, sleeping in the tent, etc.  But, last night it was hot & sticky, the group site a bit up the hill from ours was up until 3am having a great time and I had another night of not getting much sleep. 

I feel like I'm just complaining now, but I'm ready to get on with things already.  Mike is healing slowly - mostly because he can't stand to "look sick" so is trying to do too much so he doesn't feel like he is sick.

Mike's dad will be here today to pick up his mom.  Not sure yet if they will go home today or tomorrow.  Again, we couldn't have done this without family here and I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way, but honestly, I'm ready for it to just be the four of us again.

I know we still have a long road ahead of us and we'll get through that too, but until we see the oncologist on the 27th maybe we can pretend to just be a normal family dealing with normal, everyday stuff like kids fighting & dogs barking instead of this cancer thing.

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