Saturday, July 3, 2010

From the bad something good

Obviously hearing a diagnosis of cancer is overwhelming. But, equally overwhelming is the incredible amount of love and support we have been shown by our friends and family. I continue to be amazed by the outpouring of well wishes & "what can we do". Mike has touched so many lives with his incredible generosity, humor & willingness to do anything for anyone. He constantly gives without expecting anything in return. He is my hero and I strive to be like him in giving without expecting anything.
This will also be a good learning experience for me. A test even. I have no hesitation about helping when someone asks me for help. But for me to ask someone else for help - that's a different story. I know that after surgery we may be in a position where I will NEED help and I have to learn to ask and accept that help. It's easy for me to think I have to "do it all", but realistically I also know it's impossible to do it all and stay sane. Admitting that and acknowledging it now will help, I think, when the time comes. I want to be available to Mike & the kids as much as possible, but that will mean letting other things go.

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