Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whoo-hoo! July is OVER!

So, July (& the last five days of June) goes down as one of the more interesting months of our lives.  Terrifying, hopeful, uncertain, overwhelmed, faithful, supportive, loving, horrible, and just about any other "feeling" word you can think of.  It seems I've been through them all.

On the outside Mike is so positive and upbeat & looks great.  The "same ol' Mike", albeit more tired.  On the inside though, he must be going through most of what I have, but on an even larger scale.  This past month has made us stronger in our relationship.  It was pretty damn good to begin with, but going through something like this really puts things into perspective.  It's kind of cliche, but it's true.

August will be a fresh start of our "new normal".  There will be more uncertainty & waiting and more wondering what the future will hold, but we shouldn't have another shock like the one that started this whole thing.  We kind of have an idea of the direction this could take.  Two out of three of them aren't aren't great.  We're praying for the other one.

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