Monday, August 2, 2010

Just another ordinary day

Mike went to work today.  This is the first time he will be at work for a full day in five weeks.  While he probably won't be able to do the actual job he was originally hired for, just because it's mostly physical, I think he needed to get back to work.  Actually, I think we all needed for him to go back to work.  I don't mean to say that I haven't been happy having him at home.  I have.  I love getting to see him in the middle of the day or spending family time together on a Tuesday just because we can.  But, I also know he needs to be active.  That's just who he is.  Hanging around doing a lot of nothing sounds like a great idea until you are actually forced to do it.
Mike will only work two days this week and then the following week we will take the family vacation we weren't sure was even going to happen.  After that will be the next doctor appointments and then who knows.  At this point, it doesn't actually matter what is going to happen three weeks from now.  It took me awhile to get to this point, but I think I'm finally here.  Live in the moment, it is what it is, blah blah blah :o)

We will have two more dinners delivered to us this week and then we have asked that they be stopped.  I have to say I will miss not having to worry about what to make for dinner.  It has never been one of my skills, considering I have difficulty making a meatloaf that doesn't have a consistency of either a loaf of bread or soup.  Not having to think about dinner the last few weeks definitely lowered my stress level (thank you again to everyone that kept us fed), but I also know we need to be more self-sufficient again if we're going to move on.  I guess next on that list is mowing the lawn...maybe after vacation.

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