Thursday, July 1, 2010

You're anemic? Really?

Monday morning, June 21 Mike sees Dr. Kramer who orders a blood draw to find out what's going on. Hooked him up to an EKG too. EKG results were just fine so now we had to wait on the blood results. Monday afternoon Dr Kramer calls and tells Mike he is "significantly anemic". Huh? Wouldn't that have shown up one of the gajillion times he donated blood? Next question was if Mike had noticed any bleeding. Nope. Nothing. So, wait for more blood test results to find out why he's anemic. Wednesday morning, June 23 Mike is anemic due to low iron stores. Basically, his body had used up all of the iron it was saving for a rainy day. Grab an umbrella, the storm is about to start. His red blood cell count was way down so the little oxygen he had in his blood was working overtime, which is why he had been so worn out. Determination is made that Mike is bleeding internally. But, where? Wednesday afternoon Need to find out where the blood is coming from. Doc orders a Fecal Occult Blood Test to do at home and from that it is obvious there is blood somewhere in his GI system. Thursday, June 24 Dr Kramer calls and says he's scheduling Mike for an upper & lower GI - tomorrow.

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