Saturday, July 3, 2010

Something to think about

Other thoughts that come and go include wondering why now? What happened that this beast became apparent after 3-5 years of silently attacking my husband?
In March Mike had a roll over accident on his way to Truax Air Base in Madison. The truck was totaled, but he walked away from it. He saw a doctor the next day because he was concerned there may be glass in one eye - there wasn't, it was just a speck of dirt. A couple of days of Tylenol and everything was fine. Now I wonder if it really was? Maybe the jarring of his body as the truck rolled was enough to start the slow bleed from the tumor. We'll never know, but it makes me wonder if a roll over accident on the way to Air Force duty actually helped save his life.
Between the accident and his PT test it seems logical to me that the accident started something that over time was taking it's toll on Mike (anemia from the slow bleed) and ended with him failing his PT run. Without the accident, maybe there would have been no bleeding. With no bleeding, maybe no anemia. With no anemia, no doctor visit. With no doctor visit, a tumor that would have continued to grow silently for who knows how long.

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