Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank God for the Air Force

Mike had been feeling "out of shape" for awhile and, of course, not letting on to me that he was feeling lousy. Then came annual PT - the dreaded mile and a half run. After pushing to get to the finish line Mike came in 4 minutes slower than one year ago and had barely made it at that. That's when I got his phone call to "go ahead and make an appointment with Dr Kramer". I joked that he was just getting old, never realizing just how awful Mike was feeling. Again, because he didn't let on. Guess it's a guy thing.

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  1. Hi Mike's wife,
    I am Ron's wife (! I also started our blog when my husband was diagnosed with an oral cancer recurrence. Now I have colon cancer. I am at Stage IIb. I have had a right hemicolectomy along with a right lung wedge resection (which was negative, thank God!). I have started FOLFOX6 chemo. My second round is on Monday. I will follow your blog and pray for you and Mike. I know how hard it is to be the caregiver, and you love them so much you want to make everything better. Please contact me if you ever want to talk or just rant. I know that feeling well. Also, let me know about the Milwaukee cancer event. I live very close and would love to participate, if I can.