Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Some days are better than others - that's just the way it goes. Yesterday, for some reason was one of the more difficult days. Maybe it's just the idea that this "thing" is always with us despite the fact life goes on as usual. Being in this holding pattern of waiting isn't always easy. Let's get on with it and see what else we're dealing with. Books on the subject of colon cancer or cancer in general are both a help and hindrance, I think. The options are endless, so is the hope. But, so are the unknowns. Did you know that genetic testing to determine if Cal & Zoey are at a higher risk can influence their ability to get health or life insurance down the road? It's better to know that now, but it definitely adds to the worry when my mindset isn't as positive as I want it to be. I want to be independent of this thing that has wrapped itself around my husband and our lives. Today will be better.


  1. It is good to be educated.. but sometimes I wonder about being to educated. kind of like googling stuff on the internet...

    Just sayin... remember we love you guys.. just like family.... we will do whatever you need us to do...

    Love ya

  2. And sometimes there are things we can't control.. which really makes me angry...we will be here to help you.. do anything we can to walk this road the best we can with you..

    we love you guys... like family...

    Love ya