Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One more day

After our emotionally draining day yesterday, I woke up today feeling more sad than angry.  Sad that Mike has to go through this, sad that the kids will have to go through it.  Each day we get closer to surgery, the closer Cal & Zoey come to having their world tipped over.  I can't imagine this won't have some kind of effect on them.  I hope though, when this nightmare is over, they won't remember most of it.

We have an appointment with a counselor today.  I made the appointment right after Mike's diagnosis not knowing if we would need it or not.  After some back and forth, Cal decided he doesn't want to go.  The pull of riding a scooter at his friend's house is just too strong.  As far as I'm concerned right now, that's a good thing.  Why should we force him to go?  We have been open and honest with the kids from the start - no secrets.  After next week maybe he'll change his mind. Cal likes Laura and she was a huge help to him in getting rid of the "worry monster" that showed up after Mike's truck accident.

We'll see how it goes today.  I honestly think we're doing OK so far in regard to talking to each other about it and involving our friends, accepting help, etc.  I also know that there can be a very fine line between having your act together and losing it completely.  I figure talking to Laura sure can't hurt at this point.


  1. Hello, my name is Jeff. I am now following your blog. I can be reached @ if you ever want to talk/have questions. I am 10 months into my stage-3 battle and know a lot about the patient and the caregiver roles in this. Will be thinking of you and checking in often.


  2. Thanks Jeff - I know we have a rough road ahead of us, but we'll get through it. Good luck with your continued battle as well!