Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting the next "team member"

Tomorrow Mike and I will meet with Dr Arbaje, the oncologist.  Don't really have any idea of what to expect because it could realistically be just about anything.  Hopefully we will find out if the lymph nodes are in fact clear, or if pathology found something that had been missed before.  I feel like I'm going in circles sometimes.  It could be this or it could be that.

It's funny, though, how life really does just go on again.  Here we are dealing with what is easily the biggest crisis of our lives, but honestly, it does become the "new normal".  We took the kids to the pool today, Cal had Cub Scouts tonight, we ate a great dinner that, once again, someone else made for us.  Mike is worn out tonight though.  Swimming took more out of him that maybe he thought it would and as far as the kids are concerned, "daddy is back".  With the staples out, Mike driving again, etc it's easy for Cal & Zoey to forget about the last month.

I don't like waiting & wondering what the news will be tomorrow, but it can't possibly be worse than what we heard on June 25.  So, I'll hold on to that and know that once again, we will get through whatever comes next.

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