Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Time for the annual CT results.  Last week Mike had his scan and this afternoon we meet with the oncologist to go over the results.  We aren't anticipating anything out of the ordinary, but just in case, the kids will be at a friend's house after school so I can also go to the appointment.  Mike's CEA level is at 2.5 - anything below 5 is considered normal. However, I don't put a lot of faith in those numbers considering his CEA was at 0 when he was originally diagnosed with cancer.

It's hard to believe how different things were two years ago.  Mike wasn't feeling great, mostly run down and tired. What a shock to find out he had cancer.  Since then life has evened out for the most part in regard to Mike's health.  Even to the point of taking things for granted again.  I guess on one hand that's good, it means we aren't living in fear.  On the other hand if anything positive came out of the experience it was the realization of how fortunate and blessed we really are, which we should never take for granted.

All in the Family

It's always interesting how opportunities present themselves.   A couple of months ago, Mike attend the funeral of one of his uncles (his mother's half-brother).  While there he had a chance to talk to another uncle (his mother's full-brother) and tell him about the subtotal colectomy he had in December and to give him some information about Lynch Syndrome.  His uncle had no idea Mike had surgery in December or that he had been diagnosed with Lynch.  Mike's aunt and uncle had never heard of Lynch. 

Due to this conversation, Mike's uncle decided to be tested for Lynch and, ufortunately, he tested positive.  Fortunately, now he knows and can take all the precautions and do all the surveilence he needs to best protect himself.  He also has two daughters who will need to decide if they will also be tested.  Had Mike's other uncle not passed away, the conversation never would have happened.

We have now found out that one of Mike's cousins also has tested positive.  I am sad that they are finding themselves in this situation, but relieved that they know and that the entire family is being proactive in making sure they do everything they can to stay on top of this thing.  Her sister is going to be tested next week so there is still more waiting for them.  I pray her results are negative.

We are still hoping and praying that Mike's siblings will be tested and not wait until it's too late.  A diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome beats a diagnosis of cancer.