Monday, January 13, 2014

The ripple keeps expanding...

What started as dipping my toe in the water has continued to grow, much like the ripple caused by a pebble tossed into a pond.  I knew I wanted to try to bring more awareness to Lynch Syndrome and colon cancer, but wasn't quite sure how to go about doing it.  Through my involvement with Colontown, Chris4Life and the Colon Cancer Alliance the opportunities keep coming.

In March am returning to Washington DC. This time with the Colon Cancer Alliance and Fight Colorectal Cancer to "Call on Congress" about early intervention and screening for colorectal cancer, quality treatment options for patients and funding for research.

As the leading advocacy group, Fight Colorectal Cancer serves as a resource for colorectal cancer patients, grassroots advocates, policy makers, medical professionals and healthcare providers.

For this event I will have two days of advocacy training before spending the third day on the "Hill" visiting the offices of my representatives and senators. At the end of the third day is a celebration/awards dinner and ceremony.

I applied for and was awarded a scholarship through Fight Colorectal Cancer, which will cover my hotel stay and part of my airfare.

Any additional financial contributions made will help to offset various travel expenses (airport parking, baggage fees, transportation in DC, meals, etc.) associated with my advocacy work.             Colorectal Cancer Advocacy 

I do this for my family, but also for the many friends who have beaten colorectal cancer are currently fighting for their lives, are gracefully accepting the end of their life, and for those we now remember with both sadness and a renewed determination to make a difference.