Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Full Circle

I just realized it's been a month since I last posted.  Yep, life keeps going. 

Mike started back with the Air Force this past weekend - 15 weeks after the Air Force PT test that prompted his initial visit to the doctor.  In the last month we found out that one of the two genetic tests came back clear, but we're still waiting on the results for the second one.  Mike saw our family doctor last week and the iron levels in his blood are back to normal so he can stop taking the iron supplement.  No more prescription meds, now it's just baby aspirin and fish oil.

It's strange how we went through so much and now there are times where it seems as if nothing happened.  Cancer is no longer something I think about constantly.  It still comes up every day in some form or another, but that's just part of who we are now and it doesn't seem odd anymore. 

My way of thinking has changed some.  I find that I stop more often and remind myself of what is important.  Do I really need to finish sending "one more email" or is playing "restaurant" with my daughter more important.  The times when I make the more "convenient" choice rather than the right choice, the voice reminding me to rethink things is louder than it ever was before.

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  1. Just waiting for when you can close this chapter on your lives, that page is so close to being finished. I know it'll always be there in the background but it will grow more distant every day.